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Annual Report 2013/2014

The Mary Wood Trust


Annual Report- 2013-2014


Charity Name

The Mary Wood Trust

Registration Number ----- 1144311

Registered address  --- 9 Handforth Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 2LX


Charity Structure, Governance and Management


Chairperson- Clare Ramsden

Treasurer — Dr Peter Wood

Trustees — Kath Smith, Ann Gover

Trustee selection method – By personal invitation  and approval by existing trustees.


We have three meetings a year to  discuss the finances of the charity,  fundraising activities since the last meeting,  proposed future fundraising events, various on-going projects  in Uganda, how monies should be spent in Uganda,

communications with our contacts in Kanungu. 

We endeavour to make sure of  the accountability of monies sent and received by asking for receipts where possible.

At least one trustee visits S W Uganda each year, at their own expense. This allows for  inspection of building work carried out and also for continued support and interest in the projects and people, especially the students at Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School.


Activities and Objectives

Main Activities


Achievements and performance

Activities over the past year

At Ruth Memorial Nursery School  we have provided the daily porridge for the 65 children at the school. During our last visit we were able to distribute polo shirts to each child, for use when they play sports. These were kindly donated by KJB builders in Wilmslow, Cheshire. We also bought some footballs which were much appreciated.

We received funds to finish two classrooms with secure  doors and windows and to build a new 3 stance  latrine as the previous one was full and collapsing.


At Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School we have continued to provide mosquito nets for all the new entrants to the school- approximately 90 per year.

The Sick Bay was completed and officially opened in November 2013. A full time nurse, Moline, has been appointed. Her remit is to look after the girls when they are sick and also to improve the health education throughout the school, particularly with regard to women’s issues. She is an ex NGSS student.

The Female Staff House was completed in time for the start of the new school year in February. Three teachers, including the school nurse, are living in it.

The Bags of Basics Campaign is now complete, with all girls at NGSS receiving a bag of basic necessities which contained toilet paper, sanitary towels, vaseline, body soap, clothes washing soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, exercise books, a biro and some colouring pencils.

The sponsorship programme at NGSS has shown more people interested in supporting individual girls and at  the end of March the number of sponsored girls had grown to 22.

We have supported Justine, the acting headmistress of NGSS, to do a specific degree course which will allow her to considered for a full time appointment to head the school.


The Dental Unit at Nyakatare Health  Centre is now up and running, thanks to generous support from Medical Missionary News and also Dentaid.  Elia  Muchaina has been appointed to the position of dentist. He is a trained Public Dental Officer, very keen to  deliver oral health education at both clinic and outreach levels. We handed over a donation of toothpaste and toothbrushes from the Laburnum Dental Clinic in Handforth.

 At Nyakatare Health Centre we donated numerous baby clothes to be given out to new mothers and babies.


We continued with our medical assistance  for the young man with the growth on his face. Unfortunately it proved to be an aggressive terminal cancer and he passed away in July.


We were able to offer some food and clothing to the Congolese refugees who had crossed the border into Kanungu District to escape fighting in the Congo.





Oliver Ramsden- sponsored half marathon

Esther Wood- sponsored half marathon

Big Band Concert by ‘Fish Lip Soup’ in St Bartholomew’s Church, Wilmslow

Kath Smith – Tombola

Cake Stall - Party in the Park - Lothersdale

‘Christmas by Candlelight’ in  Christchurch, Lothersdale           

Lothersdale Lent lunches

Fundraising by Jessica Leigh for the Bags of Basics Campaign- cake stall, coffee morning and presentation, fun run at school, guide presentation.

Presentation to Cheadle Rotary – Clare Ramsden


Newsletters and raising awareness

Two newsletters have been distributed to supporters and  interested parties this year – Summer  and November.

Articles in St Bartholomew’s Parish Magazine and also  Wilmslow Express.



Financial Review

Charity’s policy on reserves

We have invested £30,000 to help provide a regular on-going income to support 10 girls at Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School.


Further Financial review details

Principal sources of funds

Reserve investment

Donation from the Linden Trust

Donation from FG Trust

Donation from St James Place Foundation

Donation from Medical Missionary News

Provision of reconditioned dental unit from Dentaid

Private donations

Various fundraising activities in the UK



Sale of DVD to provide funds for mosquito nets for new girls at NGSS

Regular monthly giving from individuals for general funds has increased, due to raised awareness of the charity and its needs.

Private sponsorship for 12 girls at NGSS



How expenditure has supported  the key objectives of the charity.

Continued and increased number of girls being sponsored for their education at NGSS

Helping the needy and sick

Food and care  for the hungry and needy children at RMNS

Improving buildings and facilities at both NGSS and RMNS.

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