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Kath's Skydive 2012

The 4th June 2012 was a beautiful warm clear day, perfect to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee and for Kath to do her skydive.

Rescheduled from the previous day due to bad weather I set off cheerfully for the venue with six family members and a picnic.

It was a busy, vibrant and enthusiastic environment. Not what I’d expected really. There were parachute competitions taking place and it was clear from the numbers that I was going to be there quite a while. Regular skydivers were camped or in their caravans for the weekend and there was a real buzz and energy about the place.

My training session was well delivered by a Liverpudlian joker, so we all came away laughing, and waited for our turn.

The condemned woman ate a hearty lunch and made several loo visits before being called to be dressed.

Finally my name was called and together with my instructor I made my way onto the little plane and we were off.

It was a noisy ascent to 14000 feet and I was totally calm and enjoying the views when I was tapped on the shoulder and we began shuffling to the open doorway.

I think the very best moment for me was the forward roll out of the plane, followed by the wonderful silence. 45 seconds of free fall followed during which I could see for miles. Lake Windermere, The Isle of Man , Blackpool Tower.

Then the parachute was deployed and I was able to take the controls and steer us on our way down. The landing was problem free, I was bothered about my knees and back, but in the event I landed softly on my feet wearing a huge grin.

Recently I watched the video made of my jump with my grandsons aged 3 and 5.

Ben, the younger one asked if he could do it with me so we have agreed that when he’s 18 and I’m 75 we are going to jump together. I really hope he doesn’t chicken!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported my jump and helped to raise money to complete the Female Staff House. There is still a lot to be done there, so Ill keep adding to my Bucket List hoping that the house finished (and paid for) before I am!


Her madness raised over £300.
Thank you to Kath and everyone who supported her 
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